Why most people fail in Network Marketing

Why most people fail in Network Marketing

When people join a network marketing business they do it on an impulse of emotion nine times out of ten and I can understand why; promises of huge income, an amazing product, an incredible leadership and so on, but all of it will be useless without EDUCATION.

How many times hve you heard someone say “my sponsor is to busy” “I don’t know how the back office work” “I can’t seem to convince nobody to join my business”

The worst has to be social media, especially if it’s suppose to be the ultimate tool of the past 10 years. People have no clue as to how to build their business with Facebook, LinkedIN, Pinterest, Hub Pages, etc. Everybody connects with others in the same industry and they keep on sending their opportunity like if the other is going to join just because. If you connect with someone that is already in network marketing don’t you think you ought to be building a relationship and look at his profile before sending your business opportunity. I mean it only makes sense to want to know who you’re going to be working with in the first place. 

Just look at an MLM page on Facebook and you will laugh t’ill you die, everybody is posting a “join my business” to each other. If someone is looking to join a new opportunity is surely going to be disoriented and worst if everybody is already in one they are not going to join yours. It’s a media zoo out there and nobody seems to notice.

The reason people fail is lack of education, they think that because if they join everybody else will, perhaps they will…but not with you, not if you don’t know how to approach people and build trust.

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Being an entrepreneur is serious business especially when it comes to the direct selling industry.

Without education and proper training Network Marketing will be one big faillure, so invest in your promising new career, you won’t regret it.


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